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Avow Launches Promise 2 Give Campaign

Area’s First Palliative Care Clinic and Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit Palliative Care Program to be Funded by Avow’s “Promise 2 Give” Campaign Avow has embarked on a $15 million fundraising campaign to expand its services and facilities for children and adults in southwest Florida.  The “Promise 2 Give” Campaign for Avow seeks to raise: $6 million to construct a new building on the Avow campus to house the area’s first outpatient palliative care clinic, private bereavement counseling rooms and office space for Avow’s palliative care and hospice clinical teams.  $1 million to seed a children’s palliative care program that can provide long-term support for children with serious and chronic illnesses. The program will offer body/mind/spirit care to children plus support their siblings and parents.  $2 million to grow Avow’s palliative care services for adults who are living with the symptoms and distresses of a serious illness.  $6 million to sustain Avow’s hospice […]


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